Requires Mac OS X 10.11
  macOS Sierra compatible
  Version (Release Notes)
Make a great first impression — in business and life.

Business Card Shop is the #1 best-selling business card software for Macintosh. It includes everything you need to start making a great first impression.

New in version 3.
NEW! Maps integration built-in
NEW! Major interface redesign to make software even easier to use. The Smart Inspector has been replaced with dedicated inspectors in sidebar for convenient one window use. The interface has been streamlined to bring focus to the design canvas and maximize its area.
NEW! Standalone inspectors for users with large screens
NEW! Photos integration: all-new photos browser supports face searching, favorite searching, and place searching
NEW! Paper texture overlays for photos (33 overlays in 6 categories: folded, crumpled, canvas, linen, textured, paint)
NEW! Glass texture overlays for photos (8 overlays)
NEW! "Old film look" overlays for photos (8 overlays in 3 categories: dust & scratches, dust, crackle)
NEW! Auto enhance for one-click corrections to photos
NEW! 8 photo filters: B&W, fade, warm, cool, bold, instant, etc.
NEW! Vibrance photo effect
NEW! Line Art photo effect
NEW! Straighten photos
NEW! Draggable special effects: sunburst, sparkle, lenticular halo, and water stain (13 stains)
NEW! 10+ all-new business card templates

NEW! 210+ professionally-designed cards.
Business Card Shop helps you put your best foot forward with a rich collection of stunning business cards. Use one of these pre-designed cards as-is or customize to your liking. In addition to regular horizontal and vertical card templates, enjoy double-sided templates, signature card templates, and folding/tent templates. There are templates for over 210 professions.

First impressions are important. Your business card is often the first promotional material a person receives from your company. It's also the thing most people keep to remember you by. Business Card Shop will help you create a professional and memorable impression every time.

NEW 7.0 FEATURE: Built-in maps.
Use the built-in map tool to easily include a map of your business location on your business card. A map is a simple way to help customers find you.

NEW 7.0 FEATURE: "Old film" look overlays.
Apply any of 8 different overlays to give a photo an "old film" appearance. The overlays are divided into 3 categories: dust & scratches, dust, crackle.

NEW 7.0 FEATURE: Built-in maps.
Add a little pizzazz to your business card by dragging a special effect right onto your design. Draggable effects include a customizable sunburst, sparkle, and lenticular halo as well as 13 different water stains.

3D Headlines.
Are you looking for an eye-catching way to present your business or product? If so, use a 3D headline to easily give your card a sophistication usually only achievable by professional designers. You get to control everything: the materials used for the headline, the lighting, the reflections, the 3-dimension perspective, and more. You'll be amazed how easy and fun it is to experiment with different looks.

Effective business card design tools.
Get spectacular results by using the many specialty design tools built into Business Card Shop. Below are a few examples.

Share your business card.

With one click, you can easily share an electronic version of your business card with associates, friends, and family. The following sharing options are available:

• Facebook, Twitter, Flickr
• Email
• Message
• AirDrop
• Set Desktop Picture

  Use your business card as your email signature.

Use the built-in signature setup feature to use your business card as the signature that goes at the bottom of your emails. While this feature is designed for Apple's Mail application, it can be used with other email clients as well.

Template Chooser.

The all-new Template Chooser makes it fast and easy to find the perfect template for your business card or create a new one from scratch. The Template Chooser will even show you both the front and back sides of double-sided cards.

  Edit individual faces of double-sided, folding, and tent cards.

You can view and individually edit the faces of double-sided, folding, and tent cards. When editing folding and tent cards, you'll see fold lines and you can choose to edit individual faces or entire sides at once, so you can place content across the fold lines.

Support for new Avery self-laminated cards and rounded corner cards.

Business Card Shop now supports some of the fancy new business card stocks from Avery. These included their new double-sided cards with rounded corners and their new self-laminating business cards. The self-laminating cards are great for loyalty cards, gym memberships, luggage tags, ID cards and more.

Version 5 also adds support for lots more Avery and generic card formats in both U.S. and metric sizes.

  Convert text to outlines.

You can convert text to outlines which turns the text into a shape that can be edited. This makes it easy to stretch the text in either direction, change its outline color, change its fill color, or even fill it with a gradient.

  Hearts & Speech Bubbles.

Two new heart shapes and nine different styles of speech bubble shapes makes creating scrapbook pages easier. Since these are "smart" shapes, you can control the curvature of the shapes.

  Add text along the path of any shape.

Two new heart shapes and nine different styles of speech bubble shapes makes creating scrapbook pages easier. Since these are "smart" shapes, you can control the curvature of the shapes.

Integrated Layers pane for efficiency.

The integrated Layers pane makes the different layers that comprise your design always available in one place. Plus, the new Instant Preview feature hides other layers while showing just the layer you want.

  Aperture and iPhoto events give you more options.

Business Card Shop has always had built-in iPhoto suport. Now you can also:

• access your Aperture albums, events, and photos;
• access iPhoto events;
• search your iPhoto photos by name, date, keyword, or rating;
• search your Aperture photos by name;
• add your own Finder folders of images to the built-in Photo Browser;
• sort your iPhoto & Aperture photos.

Add a reflection for perfection.

You can easily add a reflection to any graphic, shape, or text box and the reflection is completely customizable. For example, you can control the transparency, height, and offsets of the reflection to get the exact effect you’re after.

BONUS! FREE artwork from artists all over the world.

Business Card Shop comes with twenty-nine (29) FREE iScrapKits (A $120 Value). These 29 iScrapKits contain 900+ graphics from artists all over the world. These kits come directly from the iScrapbook Store and would cost $120 to purchase! The artwork in these kits is perfect for creating designer business cards.

Need more artwork?

The iScrapbook Store offers the best shopping experience in the world for digital artwork. The store features large previews, consistent pricing, and beautiful artwork categorized by theme, style, and artist.

  The world's first searchable artwork.

Finding the right background paper or design element for your business card can be daunting task. Fortunately, Business Card Shop works with packages of related images called "iScrapKits". An iScrapKit is more than just a collection of high-quality graphics. iScrapKits also contain built-in information about the kit and the graphics in the kit. This information makes it easy to browse and search for the perfect graphic without any setup on your part. For example, you can quickly search your artwork for a blue sandstone paper by simply typing, "blue sandstone."

When searching for the perfect graphic, you can search by name, tags, primary color, secondary colors, and actual colors. There are several kinds of iScrapKits:

• Complete Kits • Paper Kits • Alphabet Kits
• Embellishment Kits • Stamp Kits

BONUS! Business Card Shop comes with 20 kits containing 900+ graphics to help you get started. Plus, you can purchase more artwork from the iScrapbook Store.

Get speedy with Smart Templates.

Business Card Shop comes with over seventy (70+) 2nd generation Smart Templates that will revolutionize the way you create business cards. Each Smart Template has been professionally designed and shows you exactly where to place papers, embellishments, logos, and more.

The templates are "smart" because the software understands what each placeholder on the template represents. For example, double-click a paper placeholder on the template and Business Card Shop will show you all of your papers. Graphics in placeholders will even be automatically resized to fit the space.

Smart Templates are so amazing because they help you create custom business card in just a few clicks. Simply choose the design you like, fill in the placeholders, and you're done.

Let your artwork flow.

The new cover flow window lets you quickly view LARGE previews of your kits. It's now easier than ever to browse for the perfect artwork for your business card. It's also more fun than ever!

Flying font previews.

The new new Font Preview makes make choosing the right font for your business card fast, fun, and easy! The Font Preview shows you how your text will look in different fonts. Plus, you can choose to display the fonts in a standard list mode or an animated mode where the text flies across the screen in random directions. The animated mode lets you sit back and watch for the ideal font.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Business Card Shop comes with everything you need to create stunning business cards in minutes. Your clients will be amazed and think that you have an in-house design department! Tell them you have something better: Business Card Shop.

Step 1. Choose a design. Step 2. Customize the card. Step 3. Print.
Choose from hundreds of professionally-made Smart Templates and Ready-Made-Designs. Many of these designs include photos or artwork right up to the edge of the card (full bleed). You can also start with a blank card. Use the built-in design tools to customize your design and build your brand. Business Card Shop will automatically pull your name, details and logo from the Mac OS X Address Book for you. Print your design on virtually any business card stock using any inkjet/laser printer. You can also submit your design to an online commercial printer if you want special UV finishes or raised inks.

Choose your own style.

It's your card, so choose the style that suits you best. Whether you want a fancy double-sided card or a simple horizontal card, the choice is yours!

  Works with any brand card stock.

Business Card Shop supports 700+ business card stocks from companies like Avery®, PaperDirect®, Idea Art, NEATO®, etc. The companies offer some sophisticated card stocks with features like:

• Two-sided printing
• Clean-edges (no perforations)
• Glossy, matte, and uncoated finishes
• White or ivory colors
• Linen textures

The more efficient, flexible way.

Business Card Shop is more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective than ordering business cards from traditional sources. Here's why:

  • Only print cards when you need more
  • Eliminate costly reprints when your information changes or your company relocates
  • Refresh your corporate identity when you need to, not when you run out of business cards
  • Create cards for different roles you have at your own company
  • Hand-out modified cards at trade shows to limit private info
  • Create cards for your various hobbies
  • Create cards for your employees using the same design (software fills-in info from Mac OS X Address Book)
  • Carry cards in your wallet for friends, neighbors, babysitters, etc.
  • Use different email addresses on cards to control spam
  • Travel with cards in the language/format of foreign countries you visit

  iPhoto at your fingertips.

Business Card Shop automatically displays your photos directly from iPhoto in the built-in iPhoto Browser. The iPhoto Browser makes it easy to put a picture of yourself on your card or use a favorite photo of a sunset as your card's background.
Make it look sharp with smart shapes.

Create custom design elements with the 35+ Smart-Shapes built into the software. Control every aspect of a shape including stroke color, fill color, stroke style, stroke size, and opacity. Where appropriate, certain shapes include controls to customize attributes unique to the shape. For example, you can specify the number of points on a star and the height of the points.

  Text madness: bend it, spiral it, crop it.

Text is magic in Business Card Shop. Bend it along a curve. Spiral it to tell a story. Or use text to crop an image. It's so easy that it's fun!

Double your impact with double-sided cards.

Both sides of double-sided and folding business cards appear next to each other on the design canvas. This approach helps you maintain a consistent look for both sides of the card. Business card stock manufactures now make two-sided stocks so printing double-sided cards is easier than ever.


Taking the mystery out of "full bleed."

There are two different kinds of business card stock: regular and full bleed. Business Card Shop works with both and has special features to assist with full bleed designs.

Regular. Regular stock means that all of the cards on the sheet share an edge with adjacent cards (no gap between cards). Manufacturers can fit 10 cards per sheet with regular stock since there are no gaps.

Full Bleed. Full bleed means that there is a gap between each card on the sheet so you can "print-to-the-edge" of the card without accidentally printing on an adjacent card. When printing full bleed designs, you want the artwork that goes to the edge of the card to actually "bleed" or extend past the edge of the card a little bit. The "bleed" gives your printer a margin of error in case the business card stock does not feed precisely in. Full bleed stock usually comes with 8 cards per sheet.

Optional crop marks can be added to assist commercial printers in making exact cuts for regular and full bleed designs.

Why is Business Card Shop the #1 business card software for Mac? Here's 75 reasons...

BONUS! 29 artwork kits from the Artists Collection ($120 Value & 1.8GB in size) containing 988 graphics:

• 471 alphabet letters
• 260 embellishments
• 206 papers
• 26 frames
• 24 word arts
15 artwork kits from the Basics Collection containing 974 graphics including:

• 206 alphabet letters
• 288 embellishments
• 285 papers
• 195 stamps
30+ special effect that can be applied to images:

• Sepia
• Gaussian blur
• Sparkle
• Motion
• Lenticular halo
• More...
35+ shapes for creating custom design elements and cropping images
100+ masks to create special effects on images and shapes 75 Smart Templates for drag & drop business cards 175 pre-designed templates in horizontal and vertical formats Ready-made card designs for 175 unique professions
700+ supported card stocks from Avery®, PaperDirect®, etc.            


iScrapKit Browser manages your artwork & makes it searchable Horizontal business cards in many popular sizes Font Preview shows you font samples (list & animated modes) CD business cards when you want to include content
Vertical business business cards in many popular sizes Double-sided business cards show both sides at once Folded card business cards show both sides at once Access the iScrapbook Store to acquire more iScrapKit artwork
Group multiple objects for easy moving and resizing Export cards as single cards or a full page of cards Trim-To-Page hides objects outside the page boundaries Paste and Match Style feature matches the style of nearby text
Hold down the space bar and drag to quickly scroll the page Automatic backups and recovery for peace of mind Smart shapes let you customize shape attributes like # of points Use papers to establish a theme for your page
Use a commercial printer to have cards delivered to your door Fine-tune photos: brightness, contrast, sharpness… Access iPhoto albums, events & photos from the built-in browser Curve text for dramatic effect or to wrap around curved objects
Spiral text to tell your story in unique way Cover Flow shows large previews of all your artwork kits Favorites Bin to store and re-use creative design elements Adjust the transparency of text, images, and shapes
Rotate any object in real-time to any angle Bezier paths so you can create any custom shape Add drop shadows and control height, blur, color, opacity Gradients (linear & circular) for sophistication and realism
Single window interface is easy to learn and use Place objects on different layers to organize and isolate Super-masks let you control position, size, softness... Crop zoom lets you zoom and move images inside of the crop
Perfect Balance ensures text is balanced (both directions) Crop photos using any shape and adjust the crop at any time Crop photos using text for original effects. Grid overlay/underlay is useful for aligning objects
Lock objects on the page to prevent accidental alteration Export cards in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats Print business cards on your inkjet or laser printer Smart Inspector only shows context-sensitive tools
Ready-made templates help you quickly create cards Placeholders let you define and customize image/text drop spots Built-in spelling and grammar checker for word perfect results Auto-capitalization: upper, lower, or mixed (first letter)
Specify your contact info once for all cards you create Use the perspective tool to give depth to two dimensional images Text Bin stores common styles like heading, caption... Use the Template Wizard to start from scratch or a template
Zoom the card as small or large as you wish Real-time alignment guides automatically appear Use the built-in rulers to precisely position objects Snap-To-Grid ensures objects are aligned
Align multiple selected objects simultaneously Resize multiple selected objects simultaneously Distribute multiple selected objects evenly Tint an image with any color and control the tint intensity
Advanced typography: kerning, line spacing, more... Calibrate your printer for perfect paper alignment Preferred printer support for users with multiple printers Move objects forward & backward on the page
Print crop marks for precise commercial printing cuts Full bleed support for artwork past the edge of the card Pulls contact information directly from Mac OS X Address Book Access Aperture albums & events photos from the built-in browser
Add a custom reflection to images, shapes, and text Access images from Finder folders in the built-in browser Search iPhoto & Aperture by name, keyword, date, etc. Includes a Welcome window with Getting Started video

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