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  Sierra compatible
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The fastest, easiest way to create greeting cards and invitations!

Greeting Card Shop helps you create cards for life's special moments. Whether you're sending an invitation for a birthday, or sharing your sympathies, the software makes it easy to stay close to those who are important to you.

New in version 4.
NEW! Create and reuse an unlimited number of color schemes
NEW! Photo analyzer figures out dominant colors in a photo
NEW! Color wheel with 11 built-in color combinations for choosing great colors
NEW! Color combinations include complementary, analogous, triadic, and more
NEW! Built-in color theory tips educate about color use
NEW! Color wheel supports artistic primary colors (RYB: red, yellow, blue)
NEW! Color wheel supports modern primary colors (RGB: red, green, blue)
NEW! Color blender creates blends between two colors
NEW! Built-in color scheme access throughout the software
NEW! Eyedropper retrieves the color of any pixel on the screen
NEW! Warm/cool indicator for the color wheel
NEW! Color blender also supports tints, shades, and tones
NEW! Built-in sliders for adjusting the base color
NEW! Built-in hex field for copying/pasting colors with other apps
BONUS! Six (6) all-new Valentines Day photo cards in U.S. sizes

NEW 4.0 FEATURE: Photo Analyzer.
Select any photo on your design and then press a special button to see the dominant colors in the photo. You can then create a color scheme based on these colors.

NEW 4.0 FEATURE: Unlimited color schemes.
Create an unlimited number of schemes. You can give each scheme a memorable name and then reuse it when designing multiple pages in an album.

NEW 4.0 FEATURE: Color wheel.
Use the color wheel to discover color combinations based on the same color theory that artists use. To make your color exploration more fun, the color wheel spins when you select a new base color.

NEW 4.0 FEATURE: Shade generator.
Use shades between two dominant colors in your photos to create a monochromatic look that's pleasing to the eye and keeps the focus on the photos.

NEW 4.0 FEATURE: Color scheme integration.
Using your color schemes is easy because your schemes are available in color pickers throughout the software.

NEW 4.0 FEATURE: Eyedropper.
Use the eyedropper to quickly and easily retrieve the color of any pixel on your screen. The eyedropper provides a very convenient way to create color schemes from artwork or source material anywhere on your screen.

NEW 4.0 FEATURE: Warm/cool divider.
The warm/cool indicator divides the color wheel into warm and cool colors. Warm versus cool refers to the psychological impact colors have in conveying a message. Warm colors are frequently associated with the warm of fire and the sun while cool colors are frequently associated with the coolness of the sea, sky, and foliage.

One-click Photo Frames: Make your photos look great.
With one click, you can now add a frame to any photo. Choose from 10+ different frame styles. Each style is customizable so you customize attributes like color, border tickness, etc.

  • Simple borders (square corners, round corners, circular)
  • Photo corners (black, white, silver, gold)
  • Tape (transparent & masking)
  • Staples
  • Corner cutouts
  • Scalloped edges
  • Polaroid (regular, antique, crinkled, tattered, faded, vintage)
  • Mat (adjustable bevel)
  • Burnt edges

Maps Integration: Show friends where your event is.
Add a beautiful map to your card to help others see exactly where your event is taking place. This feature is especially useful for remembering out-of-the-way towns on road trips and international destinations that might be unfamiliar to others. Choose from standard, satellite, and hybrid maps. Plus, you can also include routes, points of interest, and marker pins.

iTunes Integration: Connect with your passion for music.
Music is a big part of our lives and memories. The song you listened to on the way to the beach is inexorably tied to that day and the people you were with. Now you can capture that association by inserting song titles and album covert art from your iTunes playlists directly onto your card.

Projects: Commemorate special moments. Connect with family & friends.
Life is full of surprises and you never know when you'll need a last minute sympathy card or birthday invitation. Rest assured, Greeting Card Shop has got you covered!

• Anniversary Cards • Baby Announcements • Baby Shower Invitations • Birthday Cards
• Birthday Party Invitations • Christmas Cards • Congratulations Cards • Easter Cards
• Envelopes • Father's Day Cards • Friendship Cards • Graduation Cards
• Halloween Cards • Hanukkah Cards • Mother's Day Cards • New Year Cards
• Party Invitations • Sympathy Cards • Thank You Cards • Thanksgiving Cards
• Valentines Day Cards • Wedding Cards    

3D Headlines: Make your headlines stand out.
Use the all-new 3D headline feature to easily give your card an eye-catching sophistication usually only achievable by professional designers. You get to control everything: the materials used for the headline, the lighting, the reflections, the 3-dimension perspective, and more. You'll be amazed how easy and fun it is to experiment with different looks.

Special Effects: Apply special effects to text & shapes and create QR codes.
Have you ever wanted to apply a special effect to text or shapes? Now you can! This feature converts your text or shape to a high-resolution image which you can then customize with special effects, masks, etc. Greeting Card Shop also now supports QR codes which are useful for including a web address that can be scanned by a smart phone.

Avery Cards: Support for Avery greeting cards and envelopes.
Avery's new greeting card stock and accompanying envelopes make it easy to produce professional-looking greeting cards. Greeting Card Shop not only supports these stocks, but also includes pre-designed templates for them.

Useful Features: It's the little things that count.
Greeting Card Shop includes some amazing new design features like the ability to convert shapes and text into images so special effect can be applied, = smart-shapes, Bezier shape mirroring, 3D headlines, and QR codes.

Artwork: An amazing collection of artwork is included for free.
In order to create stunning projects, you need stunning artwork. Greeting Card Shop won't let you down. Here's why:

  • A $554 Value. The artwork was created by artists from all over the world and is it not the "cheesey" variety of clipart normally included with software products. The artwork is valued at $554 if purchased directly from the iScrapbook Store where it mostly comes from.
  • 7.6+ GB in Size. The artwork collection is over 7.6 GB in size (enough to fill 2 DVDs) which is why it's available as a separate download.
  • 5,100+ Graphics. The collection includes 145 kits (called "iScrapKits") containing over 5,100 graphics.
  • High-Resolution. All of the artwork has a resolution of 300 dpi which is ideal for printing.

Note: there is some duplication of artwork kits with other Chronos products (Business Card Shop, iScrapbook, Labelist, & PrintLife). See Greeting Card Shop Kits for a complete listing.

Templates: Start with a template or create your own design.
Greeting Card Shop comes with 613 greeting card templates, 93 invitation templates, 94 envelope templates, and 16 photo card templates. Feel free to explore your inner artist and customize however you wish! The templates are also available in metric sizes.

Mail Merge & Sharing: Print mailings using your contacts or go social.
Greeting Card Shop integrates directly with the Contacts application in OS X so you can generate customized greeting cards and invitations along with envelopes to mail them in.

You can also easily share a digital version of your greeting card or invitation with friends, family, and associates. Choose to share via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email, Message, or AirDrop.

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